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Once upon a time in a small town there lived a boy who dries his cell phone with a hairdryer and never eats before Takeoff the people stop but he doesn’t listen to the passengers sticking tape on the wings of the plane and he experiences the aviator it’s not right but let’s go take a look at some common beliefs about Smartphones and whether they are true or fake.

1. Completely drain your battery before recharging

The batteries used in cell phones about 10 years ago will indeed last much longer. If you use it to 0 before the phone is charged the lithium-ion battery in use today is better to use in the range between 40% and 80% If you were previously Light again Be prepared to replace the battery every 6 months or so.

2. Your phone is safe without a screen protector right

The first generation of touch screen smartphones needed external protection from impacts nowadays mobile phone screens are quite strong two things that cannot be tolerated are sand and hard rocks. So if you don’t spend a lot of time on the beach often dropping your phone on the floor you don’t need a layer protector.

3. You can dry your wet phone with a hairdryer

Technically you can dry the phone with a hairdryer but it is not recommended because it causes the phone to overheat the phone does not like heat. Is there another possible way?

4. If the hairdryer is too hot, just put the phone in the rice bag

That’s wrong unless your phone is waterproof don’t drop it in the bath even if you always have a bag of rice that can absorb moisture but not the inside of your phone rice flakes can enter the cracks and cause more damage

5. charging overnight is not good

Wrong, for the first generation cellphones actually don’t like being charged overnight but luckily the phones are getting smarter over time the latest generation phones have missed and software that prevents them from charging more than 100% when it reaches that point the charging process will stop automatically.

6. Closing background apps is a surefire way to save battery

Error when you leave one app and use another first saved app
to reopen in the same state when you left it this multitasking algorithm helps save power then when manually shutting down unused applications you spend more.

7. The higher the megapixel power, the better the photos

Wrong how many megapixels he recently showed off his 48-megapixel camera phone but after looking at the photos it seems my 12 Megaphone camera can take better pictures because it’s the quality of the megapixels that matters not the quantity when manufacturers force higher megapixels on the camera sensor phone 8.

8. Don’t! combine 2 items: cell phone and credit card

He will shop online and spend money. It is also a myth that the card will lose its magnetism. If you are often close to your cellphone, the fridge magnetic field is actually possible but not for your cellphone.

9. Using free Wi-fi is a matter of chance

True, If data roaming is very expensive and you don’t want to buy a local SIM but that’s the only situation you can use it and have to be careful and use your VPN, private or bandage details, that’s because they are open to the public Including the varieties that go in for stealing wi-fi hotspot data is the worst because it doesn’t need authentication for connection

10. 4G consumes more Data than 3g

Wrong, 4G loads the same volume of data faster than the Tri Yes it does use up a bit more battery the same goes for the Vixion So if you want to save battery you can probably use the trail in unless you have to download something faster

11. fast chargers can damage the phone

wrong fast charger sends more electricity to phone so half my usual time even faster some say it can damage battery fact fast charger slows down when it reaches 60 to 80% then finishes charging process at normal speed so the phone won’t overcharge need to worry that it might overheat but the battery will still wear out over time.

12. The bigger the RAM, the better the phone

wrong, do you often use applications if you don’t know there is no need to buy a phone with 8 gigabytes of RAM or just called Random Access memory or memory access because that’s what RAM phones with quad processors are for can work fast enough to allow you to switch between applications and do things another and it is more suitable for the latest system.

13. you need a 4K phone screen

Wrong, 4k is good for big screens like tv, Computers As for cell phones it’s not really needed humans can’t see anything higher than 2K or even full HD on such a small screen. What’s more, the more pixels your phone’s hardware has to control, the more battery it consumes.

14. Smartphones are a source of radiation

This is true but it is electromagnetic radiation which is safe for humans no you can’t cook an egg between the two you will Google about 7 thousand cell phones to be able to warm the egg even then it’s just a little warm.

15. You can’t use your phone when it’s charging

The fact is wrong, you can use it and it’s safe but you should know it slows down the charging process what are you doing? Or you Doubt the safety

16. Phone charges faster in airplane mode

When switching to airplane mode to network and learning your position when these functions are disabled the phone uses less it does speed up the charging process but not fast enough you might only save about 10 minutes.

17. Gadgets can interfere with the aircraft system

This is one of the frequently asked questions people who fly a lot and, indeed, a cell phone may never keep the flight away but if you ignore the command: switch! go to airplane mode it will seriously disrupt the flight system of the plane so don’t take any chances.

18. If you take out the sim card, no one will be able to find it

If you think someone might want to track your location they can still take out the sim card. Tries like that might work in spy movies but in reality, you can be easily found thanks to GPS as long as you’re still around

19. Smartphones made of plastic are the worst, wrong

There are pros and cons. But basically, it’s made of plastic, just like a metal or glass parcel. It even has several advantages, it’s cheaper, it’s lighter, and it doesn’t break easily, even if you drop it. Besides, the plastic body makes signal reception like that.

20. The only safe charger is the original one

Manufacturers want you to trust that unless you buy cheap third-party chargers and cables that are quality completely safe for your smartphone they have built-in safety mechanisms like the charger won’t catch fire.

Bonus tip: auto-brightness mode is a great way to save battery

dimming the screen does help but it’s easy the auto-brightness comes with a light sensor which might take more effort having to collect and analyze ambient data to determine what’s obvious.

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