As cat lovers, we must know that the nature of our cat’s character can be seen from a glimpse of a cat-like wild animal that has hunting instincts, but like a pet cat that has happened in this day and age. There are timid, brave, or timid cats. Sometimes we don’t understand these characters. When we take care of a cat when we first start caring for it, the cat’s habits every day are the same as pooping in the little box, eating and drinking with special cat food, but the character is just different like our pet cat named Leo. When approached by strangers, he is afraid and hides, but our cat doesn’t like the male employer, the preference is for girls, sorry my cat is female if the female cat likes the female employer. Even though the male employer is approached, he stays away. But I feel sorry for my cat, it’s a timid cat, afraid of other cats to the point that it doesn’t want to mate. In the end, I was forced to be sterile for his good, but the impact of sterile cats who wanted to mate but didn’t want to mate made my cat’s hormones small and not big even though it was seen from the large offspring.

Beginners raising cats as a child already know the character

In the past, when I took care of my 3-month-old kitten, it was known that his character was always hiding. Finally, I was afraid to hide under the column. Finally, I put it in brackets. I did provide a lightbox to dispose of the poop and eat, drink, and sleep. when I was little and now my cat never poops. When he wants to poop, he says to me or the people at home that he wants to poop. He’s just a coward and doesn’t want to meet strangers except for people at home. Sometimes I don’t like sleeping if I don’t have a bed. When I was little, my cat was in a cage, I gave him a pillow or bed to sleep on. It’s small when it comes to educating him, maybe from readers there are other ways to raise the kitten. In the past, when my cat was sick, I was really surprised and confused, what should I do? After thinking I was a beginner, I finally took him to the vet instead of anything else happening to my cat. Don’t watch the internet to treat it yourself, it’s better to take it to the vet, it’s safer. The most important thing is regular deworming for every 3 months. So many of our articles may be useful for you


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