If you have ants in your pants that normally means you can’t sit still and have too much energy or it might mean you actually do have ants in your pants. And that’s highly creepy. Now when an start an invasion of your home and yard, you got to be prepared to fight them off if you weren’t a fan of chemical pesticides and I hope you aren’t since they can’t be harmful for humans. There are natural ways to get rid of those annoying insects and keep them out for good. Number one, you might love the smell of oranges, lemons and grapefruit, but ants just can’t stand it. Use this knowledge to your advantage and leave some ground. Dried citrus peels near entry points to the house in flower beds and a potted plants to scare away ants. Spraying opening, sinks counters, and tabletops with pure lemon juice or even lemon-scented cleaner day-by-day, should also bring visible results. Has will lose their sense of tracking and won’t be able to detect the odors of food particles and residue they’re naturally attracted to To cucumber slices, similar to citrus fruits, cucumbers smell like trouble to ants. Apparently there’s something in their chemical composition that eliminates the fungi that ants love alive. So find the hot spots in your house where the ants are most frequently visiting normally around food and water and also any gaps crevices and holes leave some cucumber peels or slices in these places. This is a quick and temporary solution for Visible ants.

But make sure to remove the Cucumbers after a few hours since you don’t want to attract cockroaches, which aren’t afraid of them. Number three, Papperman. If you have ants in your kitchen and bathroom, you can repel them using peppermint essential oil. Sprinkle cotton balls with a few drops and leave them in areas where the ants hang out. You can also mix equal parts. Mint scented liquid soap and water in a spray bottle. And then sprayed directly onto a group of ants, believe me. They won’t like it.

Number four cinnamon cinnamon works as a double agent. It makes your house smell like a dream and helps you defer ants at the same time. Powder oil and sticks are all good for this purpose. You can just sprinkle your regular kitchen spots at entry sites. To disrupt the ants route. You can draw a dry cinnamon barrier line or a cinnamon oil line with a cotton swab. If you make cinnamon oil with water in a spray bottle and sprinkle it.

Entrails Windows Doors and cracks. It’ll have an even stronger effect. Cinnamon sticks. Casually thrown around the hot spots will also do the trick. Number five, coffee grounds. Before you throw away used coffee grounds after you enjoy a hot cup. Remember they can, in fact, be of good use to you, put them right in the crash. Sprinkle them around the flower bed or even the entire base of your house. You’ll need a lot of coffee for that. Ground coffee will even be more effective. If you mix it. With a few drops of peppermint essential oil and spread it on the counter tops near the garbage can and other places ants love.

Tansy, tansy flowers, might look cute to you, but not to the ants planted near your front door Under full or in direct sun, and in pretty dry soil or among other plants you want to protect from Anne’s. You can also keep dried tansy flowers by the window sills to repel. Those nasty insects. Number seven, diatomaceous earth, food-grade, Diatomaceous, Earth is a fine silica powder of fossilized algae. It’s perfectly safe for humans, but dangerous for insects sprinkle in a trail or the parameters of your house with it for instant anti and results. Make sure you keep it dry, or it won’t work. You might have to add more than one layer for the best outcome. If you decide to put it in a flower bed, watch out for petals bees won’t be

To do their job. If they encounter this substance. Number 8, chalk. No, and shall pass a border made of chalk. Since they can’t walk across poverty. Materials. It also messes up their sending abilities. So draw a line around your front and back doors and windows, sills. You can ask your kids to do it to make it more fun. Number 9. Baking soda and powdered sugar, ants, love sugar, but can’t stand baking soda. The smell of sugar will attract them. And baking soda will say hi to their digestive system, and the results are pretty dramatic for them. Mix, the ingredients in a one-to-one ratio, 3/4 of a tablespoon of each, should be enough for it to work. You can put the bait on a jar lid or directly into areas that ants love. The insect won’t know the difference between sugar and baking soda.

You already know what’s going to happen. Number 10, cornmeal. Isn’t the quickest way to ruin an ant colony, but it’s completely harmless to humans and super cheap. So you might want to give it a go, sprinkle it on trails and nests the insects will see it as food and have a feast, but they won’t be able to digest the meal. Eleven vinegar. Another affordable thing ants totally hate is vinegar. Mix it in a one-to-one ratio with water in a spray bottle. You can spray it onto the ants around the window, sills, doorways, and places. That ants love. You can even wash floors windows and countertops with this solution. This way you’ll get them both super clean and free. And there will be no scent Left Behind after dries.

12 more asks, water and sugar. It’s a thin paste of powdered Borax laundry, booster sugar, and water in equal parts, put a few tablespoons of it on a jar lid and set the bait. This solution attracts all possible kinds of ants with its sugary smell no one to eat it. So they’ll bring it back to the Colony and ingest it. There. You can experiment with the ingredients a bit and add a touch of peanut butter to make the mix.

The more attractive for the insects who doesn’t like peanut butter, the paste dries in a couple of days. So if it hasn’t worked by that, you’ll have to make some more of it. The mix is also effective against cockroaches. However, you should be careful with this solution. If you have kids or pets in the house. Number 13, boiling water and dish soap. Another secret. They don’t want you to know is that they just hate hot water. A spray bottle with water and liquid dish soap can help you get rid of visible ants. And even just pouring a kettle of boiling hot water directly onto their colony is more powerful than you can imagine.

14 men emote most ants just go for the food but some love plants, both potted and planted ones to prevent them from building a home. In what’s adding Aesthetics to your own home? Try setting up a moat filled with water which like people did in ancient times building fortresses, but the container with plants on a tray filled with water, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder on it for an even stronger effect or put a cinnamon stick directly into the soil.

The same old trick will work with pet food, bowls said the ball in the center of a tray or lid. That’s larger in size so that it’s surrounded by the water and can’t swim, so they won’t be able to get inside the bowl. And, of course, once you’ve succeeded, you can sing the dead and song which goes like this. Did an dead ant dead ant dead ant in it. Hey, don’t make fun. That was a big hit in third grade. So have you tried any of these Solutions?

Maybe, you know some others that work.

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