Did you know that you have 46 dreams at night? Now, you have Thousand Dreams per year. 2000. What an incredible number? Unfortunately, we forget 80% of all of our dreams. Name, at least we can understand what happens to our bodies, and Here are nine fascinating things that happen to your body While You Sleep.

Your muscles are paralyzed

When you enter rapid eye movement sleep, which is the deepest sleep of all the muscles of your limbs become paralyzed completely. It’s time, There is a sleep disorder for which this class is maintained. After waking up. People with narcolepsy off. Frightening sounds of paralysis.

I see your eyes

Move at full speed, All Phases of sleep. Space and keeping your body and brain. There are five stages of sleep. And each one is deeply really. When we pass through all five phases. The last one rapid eye movement sleep is the most active in starts about 60 or 90 minutes after your eyes move, at full speed. Without you being aware of it because your mind focuses on

A growth hormone

is released human growth hormone known As HGH hormone is responsible for the Regeneration of your bones muscles and tissue. When you sleep, this is produced all over your body and helps with the healing of wounds. And so, when you’re young this woman contributes to the growth and affects your body and many other ways. Now, you know what I say.

Your throat arrows

When you sleep the muscles of your throat locks there and their size decreases. This is one of the reasons you snore. Although there are This is due to Peak brain activity during a rapid eye. You’re bringing more oxygen in there for a faster flow of blood. This boost affects each organ in your body, including the most intimate ones, and activates sexually. Your brain releases memories and makes up stories. Our dreams are still a huge scientific mystery. Experience is combined with the information we’ve stored for.

Emotions and feelings. This combination creates mystery. And sometimes absurd dreams. However, scientists still can’t determine why your mind travels to a certain place at night and choose specific memories colors, voices scenes, or people. You might hear explosions.

Your brain restores and detoxes itself, researchers at the University of Rochester found that, while you sleep your brain flushes out the ways that build up during the day, this mechanism is called the glymphatic system when it turns on your brain, discard your Vital and reading their connection.

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