At first, I never exercised and here I ran 5 km. You must be looking at me too I also thought it was impossible until I crossed the finish line it all started when a friend asked me to run 5 km with him but it’s difficult if you are almost in your thirties and lastly runs during sports lessons at school not to mention the energy that is bare there is and weight gain is caused by increasing age I didn’t forget to mention that when I was preparing it was only 1 month, right, this lazy man had to run 5k in 30 days. How do I do it the short answer is to go slowly After buying my running shoes my journey begins. I log my progress day by day the first day I found a 5k training plan on the internet which says workout start with interval training walk for 2 min jog for 1 min and repeat that until you jog for 30 min jog for 1 min Enough I still have a long way to go, my second sister, is very sick and not fit I did some light stretching as soon as I woke up and that seemed to help on the advice of my friend went to the gym today and did my first session with a professional trainer apart from working out he said I need to eat better and drink a lot of water let’s see if that helps Day 3 I write down all my meals throughout the day including snacks the energy-boosting food is peanut butter, dark chocolate, thick whole wheat pasta, and coffee.

Gosh, my appetite is huge Maybe because I burn more calories than before my morning jog is running very well including walking breaks But still then I go to the gym and training I think I do speed exercises running from one point to another as fast as possible very bad Day five in the morning I’m also sick today after a crazy training session. I think it will become a regular thing for the next month or so I found an internet running group and joined them Since today I was initially skeptical But when I saw that the members consisted of people of all body shapes and ages And I felt much better I leveled up exercise and run for 2 minutes at a time with interspersed breaks walking have the support of others very Bandung

The sixth day is Saturday and I’m resting it’s just the end of the first week of my training but I already feel my pants are a bit loose on the seventh day of training I suggested cycling as a silat practice so I cycled for 5 km now I know exactly How far 5 km was I feel I still have a lot to do. On the eighth day amazing things happened today I ran for 5 minutes non-stop for the first time in my life I also got an idea what people are body with drunk running you endorphins happy chemical compounds that you feel in the body after exercise are very abundant in my body day this seems I’m starting to fall in love with running day 9 my energy level is high I no longer want to take a nap even my boss noticed that I’m much more productive at work today day 10 I do strength training at the gym a lot of weight on my arms and legs wait I’m already sore I too am starting to understand the relationship between food and relationship performance which I never managed to do before my 11th day.

And it turned out to be down 2 kg, I believe jogging is the fastest way to lose weight my jogging is approaching 7 minutes now day 12 my trainer says my body fat percentage is slowly dropping too soon I will be a lean running machine and Sadistic too eat donut today because I deserve it. On the 13th day, I ran 10 minutes lu today and it’s not difficult at all there is an increase on the 14th day I talk very tired. I’m not running today and cheating again seriously. What’s in the donut that makes it irresistible I realized that the moment and the fast-food I might feel better for a moment but in the end it was bad I fell asleep fast day 15 today is the official midpoint and I get a new injection of motivation or maybe panicking because time is running out yes whatever it is I run 15 minutes non stop day 16-day gym we did a full-body workout today and I feel energized. Motivated to lose weight Today is day 17 I did 2 rounds of jogging 15 minutes interspersed with a 5-minute walk with a friend today my coach Reminded me to be extra careful to stay hydrated he said divide my weight into 2 then drink 0 .02 liters per 0.4 kg means 2 liters for me on the 18th day I decided to start changing drinking water to isotonic drinks. because my running is getting longer The tea has to replace the lost electrolytes the muscles in my legs can also look 19th day of my skin looks better than before that’s a bit weird so I found out about it it seems the exercise is increasing. Skin health because it increases blood circulation It’s cool that it’s also the 20th day 10 more days before the big day Doing the jump from jogging 15 minutes 20 minutes is not bad at all then did I tell you if I sleep I send more no more A tiring night with sleep insomnia. I’ve been missing for a long time and I’ve lost 2 kg again on day 21 my back of thigh hurts and my ankle my trainer shows me how to use a tennis ball to massage the problem area I also do it down to the bottom of my foot I don’t want this tendon I hope for the feeling this pain goes away in time otherwise I can’t run 5K Day 22 my legs are feeling better thank goodness I’m worried that there’s a vein in the more experienced runner pushing me to write it says if I can run 20 minutes non-stop I should be able to beat in then hopefully they are right day 23 idle I was unemployed all day it was fun day 24 I finally got on the bike again. Today I have to do more often 8 KM day twenty-fifth I feel a bit stiff again I roll tennis ball all over stretching area and walk briskly day 26 I run 25 minutes non stop listening to music while jogging helps the time go faster What Do you have a recommended playlist for a running buddy? Write in the comments day 27 I provide a lot of pasta and pizza ingredients Says Potassium will help balance the electrolytes lost in long runs Day 28 I cut back on Activity today all the articles I read say don’t overdo it in the days leading up to the race your first big day 29 I enjoyed the same high carb meal my new running buddies are ready for tomorrow morning but I’m also sleepy day 30 I made it I did my first 5k run I’m so proud of myself. I think my training program must be right because eating is relatively easy and fun and patiently registering for the next race Hey who are your shoes and start running besides doing it slowly keep an eye on the food you eat stay hydrated and train slowly but surely here are some tips that can help I’ll give you a good pair of running shoes If you need extra support give medical support If you feel pain either in your knee or leg, don’t let the injury force you to stop doing any physical activity find someone or a community to run with, especially if it’s experienced running follow their directions and learn from them If you have a friend to run with you can also get to know each other the most important thing is to get approval from a doctor before you switch from social life to running marathons don’t let your body be surprised by this new lifestyle hey you are learning things just today Click the like button on this video and share it with the following friends. Another cool video that is you, Sis, just click the video on the left or right and remember

one thing we all want to do but you know I have 1 big project even cleaning the house looks like we’re a new year’s place yes we all have a myriad of reasons but what happens to your body If you don’t exercise at all Let’s go over my list the following exercise improves blood circulation with good blood circulation it is difficult to get the nutrients you need So you don’t get what you need or you don’t practice to improve blood circulation You may find more acne, dull skin, and wrinkles on the face number 2. If you don’t move your body your system will show up in a low-activity lifestyle. So let’s say a colleague invites him to go for a walk or bike ride. This sudden change of movement will make your facial circulation blood will flow to your muscles and skin good pressure will tickle the conditions there and can be short while walking with you and your thighs with your law you will also find that it looks like you running out of anything that exceeds your habit which is certainly not much if you don’t exercise at all will make you feel tired the low stairs running to catch the bus even cleaning the house will force you to pause for a breath of low energy. Don’t expect to feel refreshed or energized if you spend most of the time sitting it’s all related to the ability of the blood in your veins, exercise improves blood circulation and you already know it.

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