One of the causes that often appears during the rainy season like today is leaking roof tiles. Leaking tiles must make the residents of the house uncomfortable, because they usually have to prepare a bucket to accommodate the water droplets. Besides being a hassle, water droplets from a leaking tile for a long time can also cause damage to the interior of the house. Therefore, it should be repaired immediately.

From various sources, here are tips related to materials that can solve the problem :

First, you can use white cement.

This white cement is not only known as a material for building houses, it can also be used to patch leaky roof tiles.

White cement has a stronger adhesion. The results of white cement fillings can last around 2-3 years.

Using Styrofoam.

This Styrofoam can usually be obtained when buying electronic goods.

Most people usually throw it away immediately because it is considered useless, but actually, Styrofoam can still be used to patch leaks.

However, the durability is not as long as using white cement, only about 6 months, and can be repeated.

Using a leak-proof coating paint.

The use of leak-proof coating paint or what is familiarly called waterproof is the most widely chosen way to deal with leaking tiles at home.

This method is preferred because it is easy to obtain and at affordable prices.

In addition, it is also easier and more practical, with a durability of up to 5 years.

However, what you need to know is that this material can only be applied to tiles with cracked conditions or small diameter holes.

If the crack causing the leak is large enough, the most effective way is to replace the tile with a new one.

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