Have you ever felt tired from seeing things scattered in every room in the house? Of course, this has become commonplace in the household. However, if it is allowed to continue it will have an impact on a lot of time wasted from you, just looking for things.

How can it not keep happening? You can take advantage of wall shelves that are used to store knick-knacks neatly. The selection and placement of the furniture in the form of the right shelves can add value to your home.


The use of wall shelves that look simple and easy actually needs to be looked at carefully. The placement of the shelf in the room determines the function of its use. If the position used is not right, then the goal to beautify the room will not be achieved.

Wall shelves are actually an addition to storage space. Wall shelves are used as a place to put things so they are easy to find. Unlike cabinet cabinets, for example, wall shelves are more open and are often placed floating or affixed to the wall.

You need to see that the selection of wall shelves for needs in the family room or living room is better if the dimensions of the shelf thickness are not so large. Meanwhile, for personal space needs including bedrooms and workspaces, the thickness is adjusted to the size of the book or according to other objects.


In addition, the placement of your wall shelves is not in a location that is often passed, especially when the street space tends to be narrow. It will interfere with your activities. If the storage shelves are just an additional decoration, they can be placed in a more open space and allow for an easier extension for you and your guests.

Don’t forget that you need to maintain a pattern of placing items in order to keep them neat so that they are always pleasing to the eye.

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