There is an easy way to protect residential windows to make them more durable. Protection is carried out by means of an additional roof mounted above the window. The additional roof can block direct sunlight and protect the windows from rain.

This additional roof has many forms. You need to know the types to easily determine which one is right for protecting windows.
A. Additional roof using a triangular frame. This frame uses wood that is tied with nails. Frames to support beams and rafters for retaining clay tiles. The roof design is adjusted to the main roof model.
B. Another modification of the cantilever roof shape by using steel. Steel beams are attached to the wall using dinabolt. Usually the ends of the steel beams are placed in slings that are nailed to the wall. The function of this steel cable is to withstand the load of the tensile force of the steel while increasing it from wind and rain.
C. The roof is flat (conventional) using cantilever construction. This flat plane protrudes out and is left free without pillars. However, the flat plane affixed to the wall is clamped by the balk attached to the wall. As a result, beams and walls act as carriers of the top load due to wind movement and rain.
D. Canopy roof. This roof uses an iron frame with tarpaulin covering material. This iron frame is attached to the wall using dinabolt. Tarpaulins are elastic, dense and not easily torn. This material is able to withstand heat and does not easily seep due to rain.
E. Additional apta with vines. The function of the plant is to shade the window display. Plants also neutralize the heat of the sun before it heats up the frames and shutters.

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