logical s that everyone should be able to solve today. We would like to share several riddles with you, to train your brain and check your ability to cope with stress. Maybe you’ll never have to answer the real life. But who knows. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends. Are they able to figure out the answers?  14, a man lives on the 17th Floor. He only rides the elevator to his floor when it’s raining out. Or when one of his neighbors rides it with him, if the weather is sunny or he’s alone to be an elevator, the only rides as far as the 9th floor and goes the rest of the way up the stairs.

Why? The answer is clear. This man is very short. He can only reach button, 17, in the elevator with an umbrella or with the help of a neighbor. If it is raining at 12, a.m. Could you expect sunny weather in 72 hours? Curious to know the answer. No, you can’t expect sunny weather because it will be nice to get 72 hours and there can be no sun in the sky. Several people were asked to jump over a pencil that was placed on the floor, but none of them can do it. Why? Here is the answer. The pencil was placed next to a wall.

How should you throw a tennis ball for it to fly back to you? Have you figured out the answer? It’s easy. Throw a tennis ball upwards. you see a girl sitting but you can’t sit in her place, even if she stands up and leaves. Where is she sitting? She is sitting on your lap. Huh? A man was tossing and turning in bed, couldn’t fall asleep. Then. He took his phone dial. They listen to a few long tones, but down the phone and finally went to sleep. Why wasn’t be able to do that before? Here’s the answer is next door. The neighbor was snoring loudly but awoke to the Ring of his phone. eight, a hotel, has seven floors. There are four people on the ground floor and each floor has two more people on it than the previous one, which floor calls the elevator most often. Do you have any idea yet? On ground floor   7 in Africa, Nike has encountered a problem. A lot of their sneakers were stolen from the factory. What did the company do to prevent theft without spending money on security? Nike built another Factory and then began manufacturing, left and right, sneakers separately.

Now try to figure this one out. When do we look at the  2? But say The answer is obvious when we look at an analog watch,  five, George Washington Sherlock. Holmes, William Shakespeare Ludwig van, Beethoven Napoleon, Bonaparte, and Nero who is significantly different from all the rest. of course, it’s Sherlock Holmes because he is the only fictional character.   for little patience of a children’s hospital, loved to play with adorable. Teddy bears that the administration gave them these kids like the toys so much that they often took them home. How did the hospital Administration resolve this issue?

The solution was thoughtful. All the Bears were bandaged and the kids were told that the toys should stay at the hospital to get better. at the dawn of Cinema, what American movie theaters, profits began to go south. The viewers were annoyed with the ladies who didn’t take off their hats in the auditorium, blocking the view of the screen. What was the chief and effective Solution by the theater Administration? Here is the answer. They posted a notice on the door of the theater saying we kindly request that all ladies take off their hats during the movie. This does not apply to all the ladies. There are two books on the same shelf in a scientist’s cabinet. One book has 230 Pages. The other one, as 325 Pages. How many pages are there between the first page of the first book and the last page of the second book? Any idea there are only the covers of the two books between these pages. And finally.  one. The last one is easy. Look carefully at this picture of who will be knocked off. Here is the answer D will be hit on the head. By the role involved, c will be smashed by the spikes when that same ball rolls onto the swing. And B will be hit in turn by the counterweight ball, grown-up and forward by the swing.




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