As for the method of keeping the roof of the house from leaking, as a predictive step for the arrival of the rainy season. The reason is, if it rains and there is a leak, it will disturb the comfort of you and your family. Then what if the friend’s roof has already leaked, before carrying out regular maintenance.

No need to be afraid. Here are some easy guidelines that you can practice. The first step that must be tried is to find the source of the leak. This is meaningful and not an easy job to imagine. Finding the source of the leak is not easy because sometimes the place where the water drop falls on the floor does not immediately show where the source of the leak is.

The reason is that sometimes the water that enters through the crack in the tile gap or switches does not fall directly to the floor. But flow first as long as the ceiling and battens find a way where there is a hole to drip onto the floor. So you have to be careful. Because it could be that the source of the leak is located a few centimeters or even more it can be 2 m from the position where the water droplets form on the floor.

Find the source of the leak during the day. You can go up to the attic of the house with light or flashlight. Be careful when doing that, be aware of the presence of electrical wires, maybe there are open wire connections. So, it’s a good idea to turn off the electricity in your home by turning off the fuse while fixing a leaky roof.

Carefully trace and examine the traces of the remaining dripping water flow to create the real source of the leak. When found. For example, those facing leaks are concrete roofs, asbestos, or shingles caused by hair cracks, which can be repaired with wire mesh and waterproof.

But if the part of the crack found is larger than the size of a hair, then it must be perforated and then plastered again.

After that, if you take a leak in the concrete, it can be overcome by plastering/covering it with cement on the suspected source of the leak.

If the source of the leak is the presence of a switched tile, then place the tile back as it should. And if for some reason there is a damaged tile, then immediately replace it with a new tile.

After that, you also don’t forget to repair the damaged ceiling because it has been attacked by the water leak. Do not let the ceiling damp, because it can cause much more severe damage, let alone the ceiling of your house collapses.

How about you, it’s not that simple the trick is to fix a leaky roof. Right now, just practice if there is a leaky roof of a friend’s house, so that when it rains it doesn’t disturb the comfort and moreover can cause damaged furniture.

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